We asked our Art Gallery customers: “What is the most important thing when printing an Art Book or a Photography Portfolio?” The most common answer we received perfectly summarises what we as publishers strive to achieve: a finished product that represents the original work of art as much as possible.

So what are the “must-haves” you need in order to obtain that dream result?

1. EXPERIENCE makes you secure

If you are planning a book that will properly represent your best works of art, it is a good idea to trust a proven print partner specialising in art and photography printing. Gallery and photo publishing requires the best quality that the print industry can offer. Here is where experience helps.

2. TECHNOLOGY makes everything possible

Even the most experienced professionals cannot give you the required quality without the necessary technology. Pulsio Print uses H-UV offset premium print technology. What does all that jargon mean to you as a published artist? You will get on paper higher resolution, realistic printing and more vibrant and vivid colours. Never again will you say “Oh, it looked better on screen!”

3. PAPER & FINISH add the wow effect on the right spot

When you’ve found a printer that covers the requirements above, you’ll want to consider the variety of papers, finishes and add-ons that your printer offers. You don’t want to plan a luxury edition only to find yourself stuck with limited paper and finish options. It’s the content of the artwork that makes an art project unique. So choose the right form for that content and give it your unique style.

4. COVERS & BINDING make the time travelling possible

Book binding is of no less importance. As a real work of art, your book has to stand the test of time, be resistant and stable and let the reader enjoy every single page of it. Art books are often chosen as elegant gifts, and here is where quality comes first. At Pulsio Print we use our own processing line for HARD COVER-CASE book binding. Get aware of all available in Pulsio options for covers and bindings.

5. PRICE should always be by your side

If you manage to find a printer that can do all that for you, you are lucky indeed. The only thing left is getting a reasonable price for your project, since, of course, luxury illustrated editions can be expensive. We can give you the most competitive possible price for the quality that such a project needs. Check it out yourself by getting an online quote, using our user-friendly online calculator or simply request a personal quotation.

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