In a career spanning 57 years – 45 years of which were in leadership and management, mr alex progressed from Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman, President and CEO. He has lived and worked in Scotland, England, Wales, South Africa, Zambia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Hungary and Cyprus. Quite an interesting life, isn’t it? mr alex called his new book ‘it does matter’ because he was concerned by the number of people who said things did not matter when they did! Let’s learn a little bit more about mr alex and his book.

Would you tell us a few words about you? Where are you from? What do you do?

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland – left school aged 15 to become an Apprentice Printer with William Thynes, Scotland – a leading Folding Carton business. Immigrated to South Africa in my early 20’s and by the time I was 27 years old led my first business turnaround in Johannesburg. I lived and worked in leadership roles in many countries including the UK, USA, Africa, Netherlands, Poland and Hungary.

I was UK CEO of RR Donnelley and Chairman & CEO of Poligrafia SA in Poland. I also worked as Chairman & CEO in different industries including printing, logistics, fulfilment, medical devices and graphic design. I retired to Cyprus in 2005 to see what life was like, without a job! I have investments in Cyprus and enjoy helping young executives grow their businesses.

Alexander Walker with his book

How long have you been interested in writing?

I have written articles and have designed my own website. I enjoy writing because it makes me think about what I have written!

What motivates you most to write?

The printed word is a permanent reminder of the past, an appraisal of the present and a commitment to the future which allow writers space and time to express their views. Writing makes you think rather than instant speech which is convenient but often hurried.

How did you find us? Did someone recommend us or you made the printing market research yourself?

I did my research and was impressed by Pulsio Print’s focus on authors and the quality of your work.

Why did you choose us? What makes you trust Pulsio?

Competitive pricing, and knowledgeable interface with the account manager Aneta Stareva.

Tell us a little more about the book you have printed with us?

My book ‘it does matter’ is my first book and a memoir of the ups and downs of a busy leader. It demonstrates how I was able to reach a high level within Global Printing, despite little education. The book shows future entrepreneurs that you can build a global business with no capital but lots of courage and determination.

Who is this book for?

I dedicated the book to the leaders I have been fortunate enough to work with.

How long did it take you to write this book?

About three months after the research period, in total about six months.

What cover did you choose for your book – paperback or hardcover?

I chose hardcover with a matt laminated dust jacket printed in four colours.

What paper did you choose?

130gsm Coated Silk White – the book contains many colour photos – the paper allows for easy reading and is an excellent vehicle for colour printing. My book was expertly printed and hardcover bound. Having been CEO (UK) of the world’s largest printing company, I can honestly say that the quality, production and service from Pulsio Print was excellent.

What advice would you give to people who want to write but do not dare?

Set yourself a timeline for research, draft writing and proofreading – and stick to it. Choose a printer like Pulsio Print who do what they say they will do and more.

What will be your next book?

Business Leadership – we need many more good leaders to help us through these turbulent and ever-changing times.

The cover of the book 'It does matter'  by Alexander Walker.

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