Lamination and selective varnish: finishes of choice adding value to your printing!

Lamination: optimal protection with a refined appearance The true brand image of a publisher, laminating is the process of applying a clear plasticized protective film (polypropylene, cellulose acetate or polyester) to an entire printed surface. Generally used for covers, it will protect the document from possible alterations, preserve it from wear and above all embellish it by reinforcing its quality. Applicable on all papers from 170g, it can be matte, gloss or satin. Appreciated for the refined and sober effect that it provides, matte lamination, while protecting the work, admirably accentuates the brilliance and contrast of the colours involved, and [...]

Matte or gloss? The choice is yours!

Let's start at the beginning: lamination is the process of applying a plastic film to print media to give a perfect finish to your printed documents. It protects the medium from staining and wear and tear during transport or use. It lengthens the life of your catalogues, flyers, technical documents, reports and so on. It acts to stiffen paper, to avoid damaging or creasing flyers for example. It gives a high-quality look and feel to all your printed documents. Why choose gloss lamination? Gloss lamination makes colours bright and vibrant. It’s flashy and attractive – this is why it adapts [...]

In the spotlight: high-end printing

Give your catalogue printing a high-end look, like this example by PEUGEOT for the PARIS DAKAR rally. Your company’s quality is revealed by your printing choices! With an elegant foam-padded cover, high-resolution illustrations, hot stamping for silver and gold type, a selective varnish to make your photos three-dimensional, as well as a finish that propels your catalogue into another dimension, the end result is luxurious, aesthetically refined, and valuable, with images of sublime quality. For this Peugeot catalogue, an original client gift that drives the image of the brand, the choices of printing, finishing and materials have been thought-through from [...]

What if the paper itself was a real creative medium, as much so as its colour?

What if the paper itself was a real creative medium, as much so as its colour? The idea nowadays is to use art papers to accompany your message as much in substance as in form. Metallic, iridescent and pearl papers play with light, while tracing paper and transparent papers have the effect of surprise and are suitable for expressing your imagination. Marked grainy paper enhances intensity, vellum and silk papers impress with a touch of class, and hologram papers have that ultra-modern look. While creative papers have a cost, their use is not necessarily reserved for the luxury sector. A high-end [...]

Selective varnish adds a fifth colour!

Selective varnish adds a fifth colour! Do you usually use selective varnishing to highlight logos, titles or visuals? Do you know that the latest trend is to create a pattern, by selective application of the varnish? We are delighted to be able to offer you this very elegant and modern graphic design and rendition. This creative technique is applicable to any medium, from book covers to magazines to flyers. No design is problematic, just provide Pulsio with a standard file and we will create the effect for you. Calculate your price now: it’s free and it only takes seconds! [...]

5 Categories of Comic Books and How to Print them Successfully

Comic Book printing: a multitude of possibilities to please your readers! Designed for long-term use, comic books are powerful drivers of artistic creativity for fans of the genre. To allow readers to dive into printed works with pleasure, you need to pay close attention to the rendering of blacks and colours in the artwork, always keeping an expert eye on the nuances required by the demanding manufacturing process. A comic book is successful when you can read and browse through it savouring all the nuances, both textual and graphic. To achieve these manufacturing results, our technical know-how will respond [...]

Gilding for the win!

In printing, gilding brings elegance and a unique feel by putting a light impression of gold onto paper. It adds a play of light to a business card, reinforces the high-end feel of a brochure, adds distinction to the cover of a book, adds refinement to an invitation, provokes a reaction when on a leaflet ... It’s a finish that adds a high-value effect when integrated into the overall graphic design. From the point of view of artistic creation, two approaches are possible: • treat gilding as a graphic element in its own right; • use it to highlight [...]

Leaflets haven’t had their last word!

With the rise of digital media, many professionals are beginning to doubt the continued effectiveness of print communication – despite the fact that it has as great a role as ever in marketing strategies! Leaflets are likely to reach many targets – and therefore potential customers – at a particularly attractive cost. To highlight a specific promotion, generate traffic to a new place, bring point of sale marketing to life, bring a marketing campaign into people’s letterboxes, tell people on the street about a new product, or let them know about a campaign in progress, for distribution at an [...]

Colourful printing!

Colourful printing.. Much more than just an aesthetic effect, colour is a powerful tool that influences the reading process and the memory of it, highlights information, and prioritises messages. In short, the overall use of colour in your printed products can have a much wider impact than when just used for images. To print in colour, you have the choice of two processes that have different outcomes: • Four-colour printing uses the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which are juxtaposed in tiny dots to give the visual impression of solid colour. This is why this method is called CMYK [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Print a Book?

Book Printing Costs Explained. Get Instant Prices for Custom Printed Books. The cost of not knowing the price of a product or a service could hurt you in the long run. How can you make a decision if you can't make an esay comparison between the different choices, features, and options? The first and most important thing you need to do if you are in the process of printing a book is to find out all the options that are available to you and what their prices are. This will allow you to get efficient and affordable pricing for your [...]