How to Prepare a Book for Printing

The Book Printing Checklist Each book and each printing project is unique. Every print project and every book has a specific purpose that it aims to serve and for that reason, the practical details of book creation are different each time. Giving clear specifications to the printer will eliminate the need for questions, provide more clarity and expedite the overall process. Check this book printing checklist before you start your project: 1. Preparation Before you send your files for printing they will need to be correctly prepared. Amongst the things you will need to consider are the image resolution, the [...]

Novel and non-fiction printing: making your book from A to Z

Calculate your price now: it’s free and it only takes seconds! Online Quote Is your first novel or non-fiction book finished, edited, proofread and ready for publication? Or are you a professional fiction and non-fiction publisher? Pulsio Print would like to share with you all our experience: along with the ABCs of printing fiction and non-fiction we would like to give away the secrets of how to print with ease in this 10-minute read. Interior paper Trim sizes Cover Finishes The choice of paper for the interior Fiction and non-fiction printing is done with black ink on white or ivory [...]

What are the Advantages of a Hardcover Book?

Calculate your price now: it’s free and it only takes seconds! Online Quote Why are some books produced with softcovers and others with hardcovers? Why would you choose a hardcover rather than a softcover, which is more economical and easier to produce? Many criteria influence the choice of bookbinding : content, graphic design, target audience, sale price... If you decide to go with a hardcover book, you choose to invest more in the end product, and it’s not a bad choice. In the digital age, the real, physical 3D presence of something that takes up space can make all the difference. [...]

Paper is recycled

Why choose recycled paper? Recycled paper consists of at least 50% recovered cellulose fibres from printed paper waste. Recycled paper is nowadays of equivalent quality to non-recycled paper and uses far fewer resources.· It can also come from sustainably managed forests like all papers offered by Pulsio Print which are PEFC and FCS certified. These labels make it possible to fight against deforestation and thus to protect the biodiversity that these ecosystems shelter. It encourages the entire recycling sector through the sorting and recovery of waste. What can you do to print responsibly? By favouring standard print formats for [...]

SILK FOIL: innovative gilding and 7 reasons to prefer it to the “classic” type

As with an objet d’art, gilding enhances the value of a book and improves its visibility in bookstores. It is one of the most upscale finishes available. Until recently, the only way to carry out this process was hot stamping, which consists of depositing a metal film on the cover using a block with all the gilding elements to be stamped, a heat source that can reach 200° C and an enormous pressure that can be as much as a ton! Depending on the number of elements to be gilded, the process can be performed in several passes on [...]

If you are wondering about the right format of your next book, read this article

The choice of the finished format of a book or any other printed product arises from the beginning of the editorial project. First, there is the wish of the author, the photographer, the publisher, the bookseller... and then there are the technical choices. Several possibilities appear and several elements influence the price of production. Both paper and machine technical limitations must be taken into account. So, what the right format of your book is and how to make the right choices? Standard formats and custom formats In the field of book publishing, but also for other printed documents, there are [...]

Your creative ideas with Pulsio Print: Essential steps to make your book shine in a bookstore

How can you make a thousand-year-old text shine by presenting it to the public in an appropriate form? It’s an opportunity to create a unique object, but how then to choose suitable paper, cloth binding, endpapers, boards and a dust jacket to add value to a book which is at once spiritual, literary and scientific? Here we present the design of the “Adamantine songs”: texts written in India towards the end of the first millennium. Spiritual in nature, they are accompanied by a scientific commentary. The challenge in preparing such a book is to reveal through manufacturing choices all [...]

The New Komori HUV (H-UV) Completes Pulsio Print’s Machine Fleet

Calculate your price now: it’s free and it only takes seconds! Online Quote The Komori HUV (H-UV) is the latest acquisition by Pulsio Print, for €1.1 million, to be - in the service of its customers. It improves print quality, shortens production times by highly efficient drying, and removes the need for a coat of varnish. Its printing system with UV inks is also very environmentally friendly, reducing CO₂ emissions by around 25%. Like all other reinforcements of the production line made by Pulsio Print in the last two years, the goal of installing this cutting-edge equipment is to [...]

Your creative ideas with Pulsio Print: That “paddle” feeling right from the cover

"Stand up Paddle: Technical Training and Physical Preparation" is a book that deals with the fundamentals of Stand Up Paddle - SUP, it is the first of its kind in Europe. The editor asks the question ‘how can we make a feel to the "anti-slip" surface of the paddle’. It is then that in close cooperation with the consultants at Pulsio Print he redraws the letters SUP by imitating the appearance of the surface of the paddle, while filling these letters "SUP" with a special selective varnish with the grainy effect - sand type. Placed only on these three [...]

Add value to your books with personalised slipcases!

We are delighted to be able to offer you customised cases for your books, in whatever size or shape you would like. An experienced designer will help you with the design for £35 / hour. We’ll need specific details from you such as the exact dimensions of the books that the slipcase should contain, as well as whether you would prefer artboard or cardboard covered with paper or leather, whether you want single or double thickness for the board, plus information about the delivery – whether fully assembled or sent separately. Please, contact us for more information. Contact us