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It’s normal to expect a mark-up for premium goods, and to think that something that comes at a low price must be poorly made – often by a company that treats its workforce badly, perhaps by outsourcing to workhouses in the Far East, with cheap low cost ecologically-unfriendly materials. At Pulsio Print, we offer superb quality premium printing in Europe for a great price. How do we do this? There are ten important ways in which we can bring costs down while maintaining high quality. Taken all together, they constitute a significant reduction in operating costs compared to most printers, while at the same time ensuring the very highest European standards in all aspects of the business.

Our state-of-the-art high-tech printing presses are housed in the dynamic, vibrant, culturally exciting, forward-looking European Union city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Our staff are highly educated modern European experts and professionals, and we pay them well – but because the standard of living in Bulgaria is lower than in Western Europe and the USA, a good salary in Bulgaria is lower than elsewhere. This means that our staffing costs can be lower than in Western Europe and the USA without mistreating staff, while the quality remains high at all times.

We buy paper directly from the major European suppliers without using middlemen. We buy more than 1,200 tons a year from these manufacturers. This not only lowers the cost, it gives us a guarantee that we have sourced the best possible paper for the best price, in a context where we can constantly monitor the quality. This is a key point with paper, where the bulk of the paper goes up and down, while the real weight of the paper also varies. .

Instead of paying expensive delivery companies, we use our own transport subsidiary. With six 20-ton articulated lorries and twelve vans, we are able to give our clients a premium-quality reliable service, with ourselves in control of all aspects of the packaging, transport and door-to-door delivery. With constant communication and delivery tracking managed by our own in-house customer service team, we are able to lower delivery costs while raising the overall quality of the customer experience.

We use our own state-of-the-art machine park, completely owned and financed by ourselves, ensuring that we never have to pay any third party for a lease. We have invested in cutting-edge, modern, high efficiency and high productivity machines, which deliver both lower costs and higher quality. The most recent example of our investment in premium technology is our million-pound H-UV offset printing press.

Optimisation of technologies: our competitive method is first and foremost based on the high-performance utilisation of our machine park, as well as the use of advanced software for our prepress service that allows us to obtain the best files for optimal printing.

We reduce waste to a bare minimum, ensuring that there is no loss of productivity with our utilisation of resources. For example, during the make-ready process, it is common to use 160 sheets of paper for each of the pages of the print product, to get the right colour match throughout. Instead, we use only 120 sheets thanks to our professionally-trained printers and more effective modern technology.

Optimisation of organisation: our machine park operates 24/7 for maximum productivity. Checks are carried out at each stage of production by quality control inspectors, planners, printing and binding professionals, and logistics experts. When no production time and materials are wasted for quality reasons or reprints and repairs, the overall cost of production comes down. The entire Pulsio Print team is dedicated to making the processes as reliable as possible, thereby offering you the best possible price for high quality.

Human resources: the productivity of our people is very high. There are two important ways in which we achieve this. Firstly, our work ethic involves best practices at all times, employee training for expertise and professionalism, and the encouragement of autonomy, initiative and taking responsibility, leading to the dedication, job satisfaction and to our staff taking pride in their work. Secondly, we treat people well, allowing for leisure time, relaxation zones, and a nice working atmosphere, which, coupled with good performance pay, leads to a happy and productive workforce.

Innovation: our award-winning Web-to-Print Solution is an online resource which allows for complete product customization by the customer. This covers the entire process, from initial product specification, through setting all the required parameters and choosing from all available printing options to real-time cost calculation, printing and delivery. The time-consuming process of discussion, querying and back-and-forth emails and phone calls to get the right job specifications and price quote is completely eliminated, saving time and money.