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The type of paper you choose is critical to the quality of your book. To help you with your selection, here are the features of the most commonly used papers. There are several factors to consider when choosing paper, such as the product type and the printing technology being used, as well as the feel of the paper, its transparency and its weight. We at Pulsio Print will advise you and help you evaluate which paper is the most appropriate for your project.

Coated paper

Coated papers are matt and gloss. Thanks to its mineral coating this paper absorbs less ink and has a smooth surface to the touch. It is widely used for printing catalogues, brochures, flyers and magazines. This paper is suitable for high-quality printing, including visuals such as photos.

– Weight: To optimize your print products Pulsio Print offers coated papers from 60 to 400 gsm. We will guide you in your choice with regard to the desired printing effect according to the needs of your project.

– Volume and thickness of paper coatings: Besides weight, other important parameters are volume and thickness. A paper having the same weight but with a greater volume gives a sense of greater density. Therefore, reducing weight while using higher volume paper is a good way to make savings. Do not hesitate to ask for samples to compare them with other coated papers of the same weight.

Оffset paper 

This is one of the most commonly used papers for printing. It belongs to so-called uncoated papers. It’s used for monochrome and multicolour publications such as leaflets, brochures, documents, books, calendars and more. Among its advantages is its high level of whiteness, but because it lacks lamination offset paper is not suitable for printing high definition images.

– Whiteness and volume: It’s good to compare and contrast not only the weight of two offset papers of 80 gsm, but their shades of white and their volume, which affects the price.

– Weight: Weights of offset paper range from 40 to 350 gsm, so it can be easily adapted to your budget. For flyer printing, it’s preferable to use heavier paper – more than 100 gsm – in order to avoid a see-through effect.

Designer and luxury papers 

Designer and luxury papers allow your message to stand out thanks to their distinctive look and feel. Transparent, glossy, coloured, metallic, coarse grained, the possibilities are many and they add a strong element of creativity to the finished product. Often used for catalogue covers, they are intended for graphic creations, artistic photos or documents that you want to stand out from all the others.

Recycled paper 

To contribute to protecting the environment, Pulsio Print offers a wide range of recycled paper brands such as Cyclus, Arjowiggins and Cocoon. These papers are made with 100% recycled fibre, and have a natural design and authentic texture. Recycled papers are strongly opaque, with matt lamination without uncomfortable glare, ideal for printing high quality text and images.

Most of our recycled papers are PEFC or FSC-certified, a guarantee that the paper used is produced from forests with sustainable management. A certificate can be given upon request.

Choose your paper from among 438 offers, available through our website by checking prices online.

Pulsio Print works with and receives daily supplies from the principle producers and distributors of paper in Europe: Condat (Périgord), France; Arctic Paper (Munken, Amber), Sweden; Stora Enso (Belle, Classic, Novel), Sweden; Papeterie de Vizille (Alizé), France; Inapa (UPM), Finland; Stora Enso, Finland; Sappi, RSA; Antalys (International paper), United States; UPM, Finland; Arjowiggins (recycled paper), Denmark; Papyrus (Dalum), Denmark; Klippan, Sweden; Fedrigoni (Fabriano, Arcoset) – Italy.