Custom notebooks, an ideal gift for your clients – use them as a high-quality giveaway that displays your logo on every page. This is an excellent tool to contribute to your branding. Notebooks appeal to a wide, universal audience and are great for increasing brand awareness. A vast array of businesses can benefit from handing out branded notebooks.

Large notepads with blank pages make wonderful sketchbooks for artists, while handheld notebooks are ideal for anybody taking notes on the go, during a meeting, while speaking on the phone, attending a Zoom conference.

Custom Notebooks

Students, office workers, librarians, publishers alike find small and large notepads incredibly useful when taking down important notes to revise later. They are so versatile, you can market them for any use: print photos of wonderful destinations for travel journals, inspirational quotes for personal notepads or beautifully engraved hardcover notebooks that will make perfect gifts.

Pulsio Print offers an array of styles and sizes. All of the standard international paper sizes are available such as A4, A5, Letter, and sizes in between such as B5, halfway between A4 and A5. A6 and A7 are suitable for handbags along with pocket notebooks and notepads. The weight of paper depends on the end-use of the notebook and whether or not you are looking for standard or luxury presentation.

Choose a glued, stitched, stapled, section-sewn or wire-o bound notebook, opening horizontally or vertically for a binding that suits you. We have a variety of materials offering superb printing capabilities for a variety of applications such as recycled cardboard, cloth, leather (natural leather and leather cloth), plastic, softcover, hardcover and many others, that can be coated and uncoated and are 100% customizable. You can even decide on blank pages or ruled pages, ideal for writing and taking notes. Our custom notebooks are printed in rich, bold colour, on uncoated white stock, standing out with a touch of luxury.

Further design options are nearly endless – you can opt for embossing or debossing to create a 3D impression, edge painting or die-cutting to enhance the value. From a simple logo header, to fully customized pages, Pulsio Print has the right solution for you.

Binding types for your notebooks

We offer notebook printing in different sizes and types of paper allowing you to fully customize it. Depending on the type of notebook required, which may be portrait or landscape, the binding can be done at the top or left in a range of standard or custom sizes. A notebook with beautiful binding allows pages to be torn out cleanly to be stored in loose-leaf or ring binders or lever arch cases. Notebooks that can lie flat or fold fully right around when opened is extremely important in many contexts.

The main binding methods for notebooks are glued (perfect bound), stitched, stapled (for low page counts), spiral and ring binding. Here are some details:

Wire-O spiral bound

A very durable and strong binding, Wire-O is for hard-working notebooks. These notebooks lie flat and are ideal for diaries and for actual note-taking. The wire-o binding consists of gathering the pages together, punching holes along one side, and then attaching them together with a wire spiral. The high-quality wire-o bound books and notebooks can be customized to your needs. Pulsio Print offers Wire-O spirals as well in various colors.

Wire-O binding can be used for either hardcover or softcover books. It can also be concealed, so it is hidden or semi-hidden. It allows the binding together of different materials such as paper, board, plastic and offcuts. For a more upmarket finish, the metal spirals can be encased by an additional cover. The cover can be laminated, with a protective coating for durability if wanted.

Glued – Soft cover

This is a standard paperback binding method. It is not as durable or secure as other binding, such as ring binding, and should be used for notebooks that are to be treated as booklets or paperbacks and not as hard-wearing products. They do not lie flat when opened.


Choose stitched binding for small notebooks, less than 64 pages, which do not need a durable or luxury presentation.

Sewn – Hard cover

In sewn binding, pages are folded together into sections first, which are then assembled and sewn together. Each section is then sewn into the following section along the spine. The spine is then glued and trimmed on three sides.

The sewn block is then glued together with the cover. Sewn binding allows a variety of covers (soft and hard covers) to be implemented, so the further processing thus depends on the type of cover.

This binding is perfect to give a traditional finish to a printed document.

Ring binding

Similar to spiral binding, this durable and secure binding method is even more stable than spiral, as it deforms less. Double rings give added strength. This is the heaviest and bulkiest binding option.

Noteworthy uses for custom notebooks

Notebooks are both really useful and easy to decorate, making them a brilliant giveaway at corporate events or during promotional campaigns.

Because they usually consist of important notes, valuable work, or great ideas, they never get thrown away.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and decorations. Make your customers think about your brand positively every time they need to take notes, pin down a great idea, or write something creative!

Personalize your notebook however you want with no limits, and make it distinguishable to your own personal brand. Anything is possible when it comes to custom notebooks. Little details can make a big difference when promoting your brand. You can personalize it with silk-screening, a common and economical way of printing logos or designs.

The technique consists of pushing through a mesh stretched in a frame and transferring the ink to your notebooks. Moreover, if one side is not enough, you can play with double-sided printing for cover-to-cover creativity. Now you can make your notebooks twice as decorative and display your graphic in all its creative glory!

If you are looking for a timeless design you need debossed patterns. By applying heat, the impacted areas of the notebook cover will sink to show the design of your choice, giving your company’s logo an air of sophistication, and your notebook a touch of class.

What is more, we offer notebooks with full-cover printing, so you can fill every last space. You can print high-quality pictures to cover the front and back of your notebook.

You can get simple notebooks or ones that have add-ons, such as pens, pen holders and elastic straps to keep the notebooks secured. Some notebooks also have sticky notes inside to help with efficient note-taking.

Custom printed notebooks are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your notebook and make your logo or own design stand out!

We care about the environment and provide our customers with products that are environmentally friendly. If you want to reduce your company or project carbon footprint, check out our eco-friendly notebooks! They are made entirely from recycled materials including both cover and paper.

They are fully customizable – you can add your logo, choose colors that represent your business and add your business name! Our eco-friendly notebooks come in different page counts and sizes, ensuring you can get the type of notebook that best suits your business needs.

Thus, you save money while promoting your business and saving the environment!

A simple notebook can give your brand the effective marketing it needs. How? With the abundance of brands advertising out there, making your name memorable to the public is a challenging task.

Personalized notebooks are used in daily office environments, making them a brilliant way to promote your brand and leave a good first impression. Help your new starters feel a part of the company instantly, whilst offering them a durable, professional and handy representation of your brand.

Different types of notebooks are used for all sorts of reasons, in everyday life, it’s a great way of having your brand seen by the masses.

They are an ideal, cost-effective method for promoting your business to new and existing clients. Notebooks are one of the cheapest additions you can make to your office. In the long run, buying in bulk can also save you money, making it easier for you to order more later.

Custom notebooks never compromise on quality and are far more sophisticated for office presentation. With excellent quality, unique features and potential to make your notebook perfect, we aim to give you the chance to create a truly memorable, unique and useful notebook that suits you perfectly.

We deliver on time! Every time! From conception to production, it will take 3 to 4 weeks for your project to be delivered at your door.

You have as much input in the final product as you require. If you want a tailor-made notebook and have an exciting design in mind, we’ll help you bring it to life. We’ll help you make your perfect notebook.

* The technical details, which make each process more or less difficult to apply, but which do not directly concern the customer are indicated and translated in the table as differences in “turnaround time”.
** Dimensions for hot stamping/ embossing/ debossing of 100 x 100 mm, on cover A5, print run 1000 copies.

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