With the rise of digital media, many professionals are beginning to doubt the continued effectiveness of print communication – despite the fact that it has as great a role as ever in marketing strategies!

Leaflets are likely to reach many targets – and therefore potential customers – at a particularly attractive cost. To highlight a specific promotion, generate traffic to a new place, bring point of sale marketing to life, bring a marketing campaign into people’s letterboxes, tell people on the street about a new product, or let them know about a campaign in progress, for distribution at an event… For all of these goals, leaflets are the right option!

Full colored leaflet printings

Best Format

So how do you find the best format for your needs? Explore all the possibilities offered by Pulsio Print and define the exact purpose of your leaflet:

Full colored leaflet printings

The classic format with one or two folds (or more) is adaptable to any type of message or advertising and comes in different formats, landscape, portrait or square;

As a rounded cut-out, or a heart-shaped one for Valentine’s Day, it can add a bit of originality;

In a credit-card-style pocket-size with specific folding it can become a map of a town or local area, or a reminder of available products, for example;

And thanks to the possibility of making perforations for tearing-off purposes, it can even contain special-offer coupons!
As with all printed documents, the chosen paper weight affects the look and feel of the leaflet: a lighter, more supple weight will be perfect for mailing or mass distribution, while a stiffer paper will bring style and elegance to a high-end document.

The type of folding you choose will depend on the purpose of your leaflet:

A gate fold will allow for a progressive advertising discovery like a teaser;

An accordion fold will allow you to make separate offers;

A cut-out window will highlight the message in the middle and create a dynamic reading experience.
You weren’t aware that leaflet design had so many possibilities? Don’t worry, your Pulsio Print consultant will be able to talk you through all the options!

Don’t forget to take the folds into account during the graphic composition of your leaflet design so that the final rendering is perfect: in particular, you can move two letters of a word that straddles the fold to each side of it, thereby optimizing the readability of the text.

Bring your leaflets into your digital strategy by adding a QR code or a link to a Facebook game, for example. The leaflet then becomes one of the levers of your customer relations strategy!

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