Live stream

Watch live a part of the manufacturing process at Pulsio Print – offset printing on two of our machines and bookbinding at the end of the process.

Follow the manufacturing process of two of our printing machines which ensure high quality color printing – Komori Lithrone S840 (4/4) and Komori GL440 SC H-UV. Outstandingly complementary, the two offset printers meet the demands of a wide range of customers. Komori H-UV gives perfect colour reproduction, reduces production time thanks to high-efficiency drying and eliminates the need for varnish. Learn more about Komori H-UV.

Follow the binding process in which the printed sheets are bound together and the body of the book is assembled with the cover. Thermo-binding is the perfect solution for your magazines, annual reports, catalogs, books and luxury brochures. For some products, to ensure highly robust binding, we also use PUR adhesive. Learn more about the different types of binding.

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