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Experience the high-quality of Pulsio Print by requesting a copy of a printed product similar to the style, binding and materials of your project.

A real printed copy is something you can touch, feel and even smell!

If you would like to receive a particular paper, finish or layout, please be sure to specify it.

To order a sample or our paper catalogue, write to or your usual correspondent and don’t forget to include your postal address!

Samples up to 1 kg: 30$ including delivery cost (Value of samples approx. 80$)

Catalogue with more than 120 blank or printed papers and 12 finishes: 40$ including delivery cost

Catalogue + Samples : 50$

Total Refund: for your first order for 2000$ or above, you get a total refund of the price of samples/catalogue

Please note that you can also choose to use the full variety of available proofs to validate the print, the paper and the binding.