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Catalogs printing

When done well, catalogs are the most effective way of bringing your products to your customers’ attention. They should display your wares, your brand image and your offers to maximum advantage. They should be enjoyable to browse, with vibrant colours and strong images: an effective marketing tool, a shop window display in print.

Pulsio Print’s vivid colour catalog printing will ensure that you have a catalog that stands out from the competition, with high-quality paper and finishes that make for a great browsing experience. Customise your look with a variety of trim sizes and binding options, for short runs and in bulk. Contact a Pulsio Print adviser for more details!

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Choose from standard formats or customise your dimensions with complete freedom! Thanks to its multi-option online quotation platform, Pulsio Print offers you to go beyond the simple estimation of your project and offer originality to your customers!


Standard, predefined formats:

Pocket size: A6 (105 x 148mm)

A convenient, lightweight and therefore perfect format for optimal distribution. This type of format is perfect for promoting simple and original products. It is often used for the relaunch of a product or for any new advertisement. Because of its low price, it will allow you to manage your budget and reduce your printing costs.

Average size: A5 (148 x 210mm)

For any enhancement of quality work. Very pleasant to handle thanks to its small size, it is also famous for spreading an elitist image of your company or to put forward your promotional offers. Value for money at its core!

Classical format: A4 (210 x 297mm)

Still called the “magazine” format, ideal for displays and trade shows. Catalog, internal journals, informational magazines, magazine, programmes, it is the most widespread format for a serious and percussive communication.

Square format: (210 × 210 mm and also 150 × 150 mm)

Elegant, original and in line with your commercial objectives, this format is ideal for the presentation of an artistic project or to highlight a sophisticated brand image. Finally, it will set you apart from the competition!

Custom format

Thanks to its multi-option online quote platform, Pulsio Print offers you to go beyond the simple estimation of your project and offer originality to your customers. Now, just choose the specs you want, using the “option plus” button to turn your catalogues into true art objects!

Coated, offset, structured… make your usual choice with ease and innovate by choosing from our 438 papers available for a personalised rendering!


Coated Condat:

Ideal for single-design works, in matt or gloss finish, this type of paper absorbs less ink and has a smooth feel. The Condat Coat used by Pulsio Print is made in the Périgord and has an excellent hand of 0.89, which gives a feeling of thickness to your brochures and makes your customers and prospects react positively when they seize them.

LWC coated:

Made from virgin fibers, this lightweight paper is perfect for your internal communication brochures. The choice of this paper also allows you to manage your printing budget while maintaining elegance and quality.

Maestro Offset:

Offset paper is still called trend paper. Impeccably restoring all colors and generally used in white color, it can be tinted to give even more character and originality to your projects. It is perfect for a communication of “high-end” products, thanks to the impression of authenticity related to less bright colors.

Cyclus recycled paper:

Made of 100% recycled fibers, this paper is essential in your approach to environmental conservation and protection. If you want to present a image of “green”, organic, natural,  and respectful to nature, opt for this paper. It will be in perfect harmony with your objectives and will impress your customers and prospects, thanks to its authentic textures and natural colors and tones. It exists in coated and offset.

Recycled coated Cyclus print:

This paper is also part of the wide range of recycled paper that Pulsio Print offers in its sustainable development approach. Natural, authentic and aesthetic, it’s high opacity gives you a matte surface without annoying reflections, ideal for printing text and images of high quality.

Art Papers:

These creative papers make it possible to highlight your message down to the touch! Transparencies, “light” papers, effects of brilliance, metallics, grain, the possibilities are multiple and with a strong creative component. Often used for catalog covers and brochures, they are intended for graphic creations, art photos, or documents that you want to stand out!

Standard finishes or special effects. The choice is yours! In addition to the classic matte, gloss, selective, machine polish, gloss UV or matt UV versions, choose the finish you want by clicking on “options plus”.


Soft touch:

Transparent plastic film “peach skin effect” for a stiffer and more chique paper. The quality of this film is inevitably referenced for your upscale creative, design and luxury catalog.

Selective lamination volume:

To surprise your customers and prospects and bring even more originality to your catalog, opt for the selective lamination volume. It adds energy and vitality to your prints and creates the impression of a new voluminous dimension on the parts to which it is applied. Ideal for presenting a line of high-end products in an artistic and innovative way.

3D embossed hot stamping:

Known as “dry embossing”, this technique reproduces the actual three-dimensional image on the printed sheet. This process sublimates your catalog and luxury products by bringing relief and elegance to your messages. Trust our team of print experts to make your projects a multi-dimensional reality.

Embossing with or without printing:

Very attractive and artistic, this effect represents a mark with a hollow shape on the support. It allows you to play on the texture and offer an elegant, clean cover that will set you apart from the competition.

Hologram type laminating:

Highlight the details of your visuals, with all the subtlety your product deserves. This innovative three-dimensional technology can be applied to all types of printing.

Silver effect laminating:

This excellent finish called metallisation is used by the most recognised brands to enhance the impact of their products and advertising. Elegant and aesthetic, this quickly recognisable paper makes packaging and documents valuable. Be different, go for originality!

Glitter effect:

Thanks to glitter mixed with gloss varnish, this varnish gives a spectacular result! Perfect for magazine covers, catalogs, boxes and invitation cards. It will particularly highlight your products, choose your colors by creating a custom mix of sequins designed especially for you!

For more options see “Standard Finishes and Special Effects“.

For a practical and useful catalogs, choose the binding that fits your product!


Saddle Stitching:

A shaping of the most practical, effective and economical, for an easy and comfortable reading. Dedicated to works with a pagination less than or equal to 80 pages with an excellent quality to price ratio. A choice between standard staples, horseback, or looped, rounded staples.

Perfect Binding:

Ideal binding for catalogs, magazines, annual reports, press kits and luxury brochures. It offers your documents a more professional design at a very attractive price. It allows to assemble a large number of pages and gives the appearance of a book to your print: a rendering of quality and aesthetics!

PUR binding:

It is the same technique as the “classic” glued square back but with the use of a special polyurethane glue, called PUR. Highly resistant to tearing pages, this binding is particularly recommended for magazines and catalogs with a pagination and heavy weight: the sheets have excellent performance, the books better support thermal shocks and time.

Section Sewn Binding:

Highly reputed in the world of publishing, this binding offers a double resistance for books containing a large number of pages. Optimal for a weight greater than 130g and a consequent pagination.

Wire-O binding:

A 360 ° solution, the Wire-O spiral is convenient for opening, manipulating and storing your documents, offers maximum reading comfort and protects them over time. In addition, it can be integrated on the inside of a hardcover, if you want it to be invisible.