Children’s Books Printing

Growing up with beautiful books is a hugely important part of childhood.

From pre-school picture books, early years reading and kindergarten to illustrated older child and young adult stories, there are so many different types of children’s books, and they all need special care and attention, just like the children themselves.

Children’s books need to be robust, to withstand rough treatment and much handling. Our professional binding and finishing service will give you the best quality damage-resistant books you will find, in both paperback and hardback.

Our state-of-the-art H-UV printer will give you vibrant, bright colours, both inside and out. We can make speciality children’s picture books with cut-outs made with our die-cutting and laser-cutting machines, to give your creations a custom-designed physical element to maximise little children’s enjoyment.

Our full range of special effects can give you embossing, spot lamination, gilding, phosphorescent varnishing, fore-edge painting and much more, to turn the child’s reading experience into a rich tactile and visual experience.

We offer a choice of more than 430 high-quality papers, in a range of colours and thicknesses, from all the best European paper manufacturers. Our premium quality interiors will showcase ink drawings and illustrations with the best printing methods available, both traditional offset and digital.

As one of the leading European printers, we already make 10% of all books sold in France, Belgium and Switzerland, supplying 1,500 publishers and businesses, and now more than 100 UK and US publishers and businesses choose us too.

Our experienced and knowledgeable experts will give you superb craftsmanship at the best possible value for money. You will have a dedicated advisor on hand at all times to help you make all the right choices and get the best possible deal.

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Why printing your book with Pulsio?

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