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Large format, image-rich and beautifully designed, coffee table books belong on display, for you and your guests to enjoy visually as much as for reading pleasure. They are not meant for hiding away on a bookshelf, they are as much a form of décor as a type of print publication. Correctly placed in a living room, guest accommodation, a lobby or a foyer, a beautifully made, stylish book can make all the difference to the feel and comfort of a space, and this is one reason why they make such great gifts.

A coffee table book is therefore an important part of interior design, chosen and placed to enhance the look of a room, and to be an object of beauty and interest to the person who picks it up and browses through it. Whether a lifestyle book, an art collection, or a showcase for photos, wonderfully printed and bound coffee table books are a great way to enhance people’s lives while they wait for their host, or for a meeting, to get inspiration on a dull day, or simply to enjoy holding in the hands and flicking through.

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