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Each month we print 80,000 hardcover books. We strive to provide the best book printing services at the lowest price. Print your hardcover book with us!

15 years of experience and 6 000+ orders printed annually
Premium print quality thanks to H-UV technology
– A wide variety of papers, lamination, finishes, and special effects
– Professional personalized assistance whenever you need it
Fast turnaround: 5 to 10 days (hardcover)
– Impeccable delivery and express shipping available with our partners UPS, FedEx and DHL
– Affordable costs and competitive low prices

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Express manufacturing & delivery even for complex projects


438 papers available to showcase your work in an extraordinary way


A variety of sizes, finishes and bindings to suit your needs


Competitive rates

Make your book stand Out

Choose between several options and create your custom project

Choose with complete freedom the size of your book, including standard sizes or customized dimensions. Thanks to our online multi-option quote platform, Pulsio Print gives you the possibility to create original and personalized projects that stand out from the crowd!


Pocket Book 4.25″ x 6.87″

A highly convenient and lightweight size, making it efficient to bring anywhere in a pocket or a bag. It’s the common choice for Romance, Mystery, and other novels and is available both in softcover and hardcover format. Its low price (in soft cover) allows efficient budget management and reduced printing expenses.

Trade paperback 5.5″ x 8.5″

A common choice for publications like TV Guide and Reader’s Digest, but also popular with Poetry books. With affordable production costs, this format provides ample space for your content while still remaining portable and easy to handle. This format is great for perfect binding and fits well with any paper stock option.

US Trade 6” x 9”

The US trade size is a popular choice for authors writing novels, memoirs, and non-fiction books aimed at a general adult audience. It offers a larger page size and font, making it more comfortable to read. Also, it allows for more space to include content and illustrations, making it ideal for books with complex information.

Art book 8.5″ x 11.0″

This format is perfect for books that showcase stunning visuals : like art books, coffee table books, photography books, and graphic novels. The page size allows for more space to expose the artwork and every detail of the images. Plus, its larger size adds an artistic touch to the book, making it stand out as a true masterpiece.

Small Square 7.5″ x 7.5″

A popular option for Photography, Children books & Cookbooks. Its small size allows for a concise, focused presentation of content. Also, it pairs well with all paper stock options and is available in both softcover and hardcover format.

Square 8.5″ x 8.5″

It is commonly used for large format Fiction, Non-fiction, Photography, Children books & Cookbooks. Its shape allows for a balanced layout of text and images, making it ideal for books that rely heavily on visual content. This format pairs well with all binding styles and paper stock options.

Large Square 10″ x 10″

The large square size is often used for high-quality art books, photography books, and other visually-oriented publications. This format provides ample space for large, high-resolution images and allows for the full expression of the artwork or photography featured in the book. This size also lends itself well to coffee table books, which are meant to be displayed and enjoyed in a home or office setting.

Custom Size

With our flexible online quote platform, you can do more than just estimate the cost of your project, you can bring originality and artistry to your catalogs and products. All sizes are available in both softcover and hardcover. Use the button “Option Plus” and select the spec you want to turn your products into true works of art.

Coated, offset, structured… make your usual choice with ease or innovate by choosing from our 438 papers available for a personalised rendering!


Bulk offset paper:

Designed specifically for editing, this type of paper has exceptional volume, giving your work thickness and lightness. They look rougher than offset or coated papers and have a high ink absorption capacity. Due to this, it is generally recommended for black text. The printing of photos or illustrations remains possible when one wants to obtain a brilliant rendering, with the older and traditional aspect; it is then recommended to choose the premium categories with higher gsm.

The bulk papers come in several shades and quality levels: with wood and cream, with slight traces of wood and natural white or ivory hues, with no trace of wood.

Our premium Bulk Offset Paper:

Made in one of the oldest paper mills in Europe (the Salzer factory in St. Pölten, Austria, since 1579), they combine the most modern tradition and manufacturing techniques, resulting in a text paper that is very pleasant to the touch. Very good opacity and nice volume. Without any trace of wood, they will keep their colors and their qualities over the years. It is available as standard in 2 shades: special extra white (white) and blue white (ivory). Intended primarily for printing text in black, their exceptional quality also allows the printing of color illustrations.

Our ‘classic’ Bulk Offset Paper:

The Danube (Salzer): it has a slight ivory, natural hue. It is perfect for printing black and white texts. It is offered as standard in the bulk of 2 or 1.8. 

Stora enso papers:

Made in Scandinavia, they benefit from an exceptional quality adapted to the printing of texts in black.

Its natural creamy color and weight are suitable for the printing of texts, especially with high pagination.

The classic natural color and great opacity make it a paper of choice for texts in black but also illustrations with large flat areas (manga for example).

The Belle ivory due to its opacity is particularly suitable paper for novels and essays.

Natural Bulk Offset papers:

The Helefoss papers produced in Sweden have a very authentic appearance, both in terms of their texture and hue. They are adapted to texts in black and offer one of the best quality-price ratio of the market.

Coated Condat:

Ideal for single-design works, in matt or gloss finish, this type of paper absorbs less ink and has a smooth feel. The Condat Coat used by Pulsio Print is made in the Périgord and has an excellent bulk of 0.89, which gives a feeling of thickness to your books and makes your readers react positively when they grab them.

LWC coated:

Made from virgin fibers, this lightweight paper is perfect for your internal communication brochures. The choice of this paper also allows you to manage your printing budget while maintaining elegance and quality.

Maestro Offset:

Offset paper is still called trend paper. Impeccably restoring all colors and generally used in white color, it can be tinted to give even more character and originality to your projects. It is perfect for presenting “high-end” products, thanks to the impression of authenticity related to less bright colors.

Cyclus recycled paper:

Made of 100% recycled fibers, this paper is essential in your approach to environmental conservation and protection. If you want to present a image of “green”, organic, natural,  and respectful to nature, opt for this paper. It will be in perfect harmony with your objectives and will impress your customers and prospects, thanks to its authentic textures and natural colors and tones. It can be a coated or offset paper.

Recycled coated Cyclus print:

This paper is also part of the wide range of recycled paper that Pulsio Print offers in its sustainable development approach. Natural, authentic and aesthetic, it’s high opacity gives you a matt surface without annoying reflections, ideal for printing text and images of high quality.

Art Papers:

These creative papers make it possible to highlight your messages down to the touch! Transparencies, “light” papers, effects of brilliance, metallics, grain, the possibilities are endless and with a strong creative component. Often used for covers, they are intended for graphic creations, art photos, or prints that you want to stand out!

Standard finishes or special effects. The choice is yours! In addition to the classic matt, gloss, selective, machine polish, gloss UV or matt UV versions, choose the finish you want by clicking on “options plus”.

Soft touch:

Transparent plastic film “peach skin effect” for a stiffer and more chique paper. The quality of this film is inevitably referenced for your upscale creative, design and luxury art book.

Selective lamination volume:

To surprise your readers and bring even more originality to your art books, opt for the selective lamination volume. It adds energy and vitality to your prints and creates the impression of a new voluminous dimension on the parts to which it is applied. Ideal for presenting a line of high-end products in an artistic and innovative way.

3D embossed hot stamping:

Known as “dry embossing”, this technique reproduces the actual three-dimensional image on the printed sheet. This process sublimates your luxury products by bringing relief and elegance to your messages. Trust our team of print experts to make your projects a multi-dimensional reality.

Embossing with or without printing:

Very attractive and artistic, this effect represents a mark with a hollow shape on the support. It allows you to play on the texture and offer an elegant, clean cover that will set you apart from the competition.

Hologram type laminating:

Highlight the details of your visuals, with all the subtlety your product deserves. This innovative three-dimensional technology can be applied to all types of printing.

Silver effect laminating:

This excellent finish called metallisation is used by the most recognised brands to enhance the impact of their products and advertising. Elegant and aesthetic, this quickly recognisable paper makes packaging and documents valuable. Be different, go for originality!

Glitter effect:

Thanks to glitter mixed with gloss varnish, this varnish gives a spectacular result! Perfect for art books covers, catalogues, boxes and invitation cards. It will particularly highlight your products, choose your colors by creating a custom mix of sequins designed especially for you!

For more options see « Standard Finishes and Special Effects ».

For a practical and useful art book, choose the binding that fits your product!

Section Sewn Binding:

Highly reputed in the world of publishing, this binding offers a double resistance for books containing a large number of pages. Optimal for a weight greater than 130g and a consequent pagination.

Wire-O binding:

A 360 ° solution, the Wire-O spiral is convenient for opening, manipulating and storing your documents, offers maximum reading comfort and protects them over time. In addition, it can be integrated on the inside of a hardcover, if you want it to be invisible.


Yes, the price of your quote does include delivery(s).

Please export your print data in PDF format. PDF is a format that prevents any modification of your fonts, images, graphic elements, etc.

Other acceptable formats are:

  • Vectorized EPS;
  • PostScript;
  • TIFF (without text).

WORD, EXCEL, Open Office, or PowerPoint do not generate printable data. For maximum service, you can send us your files and we will take care of the conversion of the files to PDF if possible, charged according to the time of work. It will be necessary to send us all fonts and images used. 

In order to avoid possible defects related to manipulations, a mandatory approval of the generated files will be requested.

You can also send us InDesign files and we will generate the PDF for a fixed price of 20€ HT.

For InDesign files, it is imperative to export with the “save for prepress” or “package for print” function to ensure that images and fonts are attached. In the case of Apple Mac fonts – please archive them (in ZIP, RAR, or SITX).

For sending the files, you have several possibilities. You can choose the one that suits you best:

  1. By Email As an attachment to your customer advisor
  2. By yousendit.com / wetransfer.com
  3. by FTP server for file transfer

      3.1. From a PC

FTP server:


FTP & explicit

FTPS port: 21

FTP username: you can choose your username.

Password: you have the possibility to choose your password.

It is better to access via Windows explorer than via Internet explorer. You could easily create a folder and drop the files by copy/paste.

If you receive the message “Error message”, click on the “OK” button

Then click with the left mouse button and choose the option “log as” or “identify yourself”.

A message appears where you must write your login.

User name :

Password :

And that’s it: you already have access to our FTP. Put the files in the folder with the name and/or a number of your order. Please inform us once the files have been uploaded by email:  contact@pulsioprint.co.uk

        3.2 From a Mac

We invite you to download the Cyber duck software which will allow you to access different ftp servers.


You have the choice of doing the necessary corrections yourself or you can entrust this work to our Prepress Department as a paid service at a cost of 28€ht/hour.
Please see our tips for preparing your files. See how you can prepare your files.

With Pulsio Print you always have a detailed verification of your files. For your peace of mind. For the quality of the printed product. At no extra cost. Included in the price of the quote. Your consultant will send you the prepress comments after your files are available on our server. The trial is detailed here.

For offset printing, we recommend a resolution of 225 dpi to 300 dpi in order to obtain an optimal result and avoid any risk of pixelation. A resolution of 450 to 1200 dpi is necessary if your file is “Bitmap”. For digital printing, the minimum resolution accepted is 150dpi.

Yes, if you are interested in our quote, we can send you samples of papers and printed products. You can get more information here.

Always remember to add a 3-5 mm bleed on your document to be printed, depending on the product, which is necessary for trimming (3 mm for flyers, 5 mm for stapled brochures).

This means that the images and background elements must be 3 mm larger than the actual finished size of the document at the time of formatting. Your open format print data is therefore 6 mm wider and higher than the actual finished size. For example, for an A4 document, the size will be 303 x 216 mm (297 + 3 +3 x 210 + 3 + 3), including bleed.

Without this bleed, small variations may occur, due to the cutting tolerance during mechanical trimming and therefore white margins may appear.

Also, text blocks and important graphic elements must be placed at least 3 mm from the edge of the actual finished format. It is not advisable to use frames as outlines for text or images near the edge of the document.

For more information, please see the “File Preparation Guidelines” page and ask your consultant for assistance.

Number of colors (s) and location(s) to be defined for printing.
* 1+0 = 1 front color (Called monochrome, which is the application of a single color) BLACK or other;
* 1+1 = 1 color recto + 1 color verso (Called monochrome, which is the application of only one and same color) BLACK or other.
* 4+4 = 4 colors on the front + 4 colors on the back (Called the four-color process, which is the application of the colors of your choice in CMYK)
* 2+2 = 2 colors on the front + 2 colors on the back (You also have the possibility to print in 2 colors).

What is not a monochrome print, in one color?

When we go to print for the first time, it is normal to think that monochrome printing means that we can print in one color, any color, the one of our choice. If the chosen color is not among the primary colors CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), we can no longer speak of printing in one color, because for the production of this color it will be necessary to use at least two primary colors. In reality, one must produce two plates in printing on which there will be at least one basic color CMYK, in order to obtain the desired color.

Thus, for an offset printing 4+4 it means that the printing house will prepare 4 plates with the 4 basic colors CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) for the pile part of the page, and also 4 plates with the 4 colors for the face part of the page.

For these reasons, printing in colors is more expensive than printing in black and white.

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