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Die-Cut Book Covers

Die-cutting gives your book a completely unique look and makes it stand out from any other product. The process is used to cut shapes out of the inside section of the material, rather than trimming the edges. Die cuts can be made into the dust jackets, covers or interior pages. This allows you to make a custom design to turn the book cover into a sculpted work of art. Die cutting is often used for art books and children’s books, allowing the reader to look inside a section of the cover as through a window, through a keyhole, decorative designs, bullet holes, a shape relevant to the book’s title or subject, a child’s animal – the choice is yours.

Laser cutting is a similar technology, used for the same purposes, but with even finer results, and is a non-contact method of paper-cutting. Pulsio Print offers both methods of cutting depending on your project, budget and preferences. You can make cuts anywhere inside the book as well as in the covers. Pulsio can turn your physical printed book into a work of art in itself.

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