We are proud to be celebrating our 16th anniversary as an environmental printing company. Our personalized services guarantee ecological consciousness right alongside competitive pricing, and client satisfaction. Our mission is to offer outstanding service to all of our clients while not compromising the present and future health and well-being of our employees, partners, suppliers and community. At Pulsio Print, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are pleased to be known as a trusted eco-friendly printing company. We are both FSC® and PEFC certified, ensuring that products come from responsibly managed forests.

We are dedicated to taking care of the environment within our company as well. At the heart of our organization lies a diverse, positive and conscientious company culture that provides a working blueprint for how we engage in, inspire and encourage communication and collaboration in the work environment. United as a company we take the initiative to help key institutions in need of support, as well as provide our employees multiple opportunities to participate in volunteerism and help their community.

Pulsio Print, an eco-friendly printer

What does it mean to be an eco-friendly printing company?

With the growing awareness of climate change and other critical environmental issues, our journey towards sustainability began in 2004. Since then, we’ve been putting our efforts into maintaining the fragile balance between people, planet and profitability and making our critical decisions with that balance in mind.

Sustainability requires a determination to operate efficiently, to preserve the safety and well-being of workers and to conserve the environment, while delivering uncompromised quality and service. We accomplish it by:

Using sustainable print materials.

Using biodegradable or recyclable packing materials.

Using H-UV Offset Printing, which, in addition to waste, cuts down our carbon footprint.

Reducing waste through efficient calibration and colour settings.

Offering an array of recycled paper options.

Offering Digital Printing solutions.

Strategically planning order deliveries to reduce mileage and transport pollution.

Recycling all possible materials that become useless during production activities, such as water, ink, ink sludge, solvents, paper, wood, plastics and others.

Furthering pollution control by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials and items used personally by employees while at the office.

Conducting business processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

Training and educating our employees and visitors on environmental issues.

Complying with laws and regulations and best practices concerning safety, health, and the environment. If non-compliance is found, we immediately take action to remedy it.

Earning certifications by ecological institutions.

Sustainable print materials

Traditionally, half of the fibers needed to make paper come from trees cut specifically for that purpose. Typically, the best parts of the wood are used for construction and the less desirable portions for pulp.

Nowadays, paper can be created from almost anything – vegetable matter, wood fiber from sawmills, recycled materials, paper waste, etc.

Аt Pulsio Print, we offer paper containing a high percentage of recycled fiber components taken from a wide variety of sources that do not contain any harmful additives.

For example, some of our high-grade paper is created from cloth fibers. Natural fibers such as cotton and linen are used for all kinds of high-end paper, including wedding invitation paper, drawing paper, etc. Cotton is a preferred material because its fibers are very strong, making it an excellent choice for documents that may need to be archived. Its strength, along with its unique feel, is why the cotton paper is popular for letterhead and other corporate stationery products as well.

The choice to use responsible paper with Pulsio Print is never a sacrifice, but only an added value. All our paper stocks meet the same high standard of brightness and colour fidelity, regardless of the recycled content.

The papers offered by Cycles, Arjowiggins and Cocoon are made from 100% recycled fibres and allow for neat prints, high-quality media and special formats without limiting creativity. Whether coated or uncoated, satin-finished, with perfect paper and opacity, these papers combine environmental protection, performance and superior print quality – the ideal solution for both classic and high-end creative prints!

Certified sustainable options

Many papers offered by Pulsio Print come from PEFC and FCS certified forests. These certifications make it possible to fight against deforestation and thereby to preserve the biodiversity that these ecosystems shelter. They also encourage the entire recycling sector through waste collection and recovery.

What do FSC® and PEFC mean?

The FSC Principles and Criteria provide a foundation for all forest management standards globally. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. It positively impacts workers and communities associated with the forests themselves and the wood and paper production from them, as well as helps change environmental conditions globally. Products with the Forest Stewardship Council label are identified as products with their roots from well-managed forests.

Pulsio Print is a FSC certified printer
Pulsio Print is a PEFC certified printer

PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. This international non-profit, non-governmental organization is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.
You can easily communicate to your clients your company’s dedication to eco-responsibility by choosing PEFC and FCS certified paper for your brochures, catalogues, business cards, and corporate stationery. We can add a logo or a line of text for the sustainable certification you use, as well as a recycling label.

What is H-UV ?

H-UV is the new generation of Litho Printing. The following are the problems that may occur with traditional litho-printing:

Markings and set-offs occur because oil-based inks need time to dry. After the printing is finished and the sheets are left to dry, the wet ink transfers to the reverse side of the sheet. In order to avoid it, printers use powder.

Using spray powder is often overlooked, however, it may produce unexpected results. Excess use of powder will lead to a rough surface, as it settles in the ink and may leave residue all over the sheet.

Using uncoated paper is very tricky. Colours may look fantastic at the moment of printing, however, when they soak into the surface of the paper the images may become flat and dull.

H-UV technology addresses all these problems and improves sustainability. Firstly, the UV light used in this printing process instantly dries the ink to ensure mark-free print. The ink dries on the surface, so the colour you see when printing is the colour you get in the finished product. With this LightCure technology, there is no longer a need for spray powder. Bright and vibrant images can now be printed on any surface, including coating free.

H-UV printing also helps us be more responsible in our use of electricity and inks and creates less waste. A single H-UV lamp can cure up to 400% ink coverage plus coating at maximum press speed-reducing energy required for curing, lowering heat output and omitting no ozone or odours. This also allows us to further cut down on energy use in maintaining the optimum environment in our manufacturing HQ for our products and our wonderful staff.

Environmentally efficient colour management

Colour management is key to the reduction of waste in green printing. When the printer has the expertise and technology to set the colours correctly without the need for further additional adjustments, you use much less paper, inks and energy to achieve your target.

Printer calibration is the process of bringing a colour device into an ideal, quantifiable, repeatable state. The goal is to measure and adjust the colour response and density balance of the device to bring out its best optimal colour output. It keeps track of ‘device drift’ and allows the printer to bring itself back so colour management remains valid and accurate./span>

Thanks to the combination of Precision Core TFP printhead technology, UltraChrome HDX ink sets with eleven outstanding colours and ORIS Color Tuner software, our superhero printers are capable of reproducing every detail, tone, texture, and brushstroke of the original artwork or photo, delivering unrivalled accuracy in all your printing and proofing work, without additional waste.

If any scrap paper is produced by the printing process it is recycled into newsprint, as it requires much less energy, water and chemical treatment than recycling into a white paper.

We offer a wide variety of product categories including formats, sizes, weights and paper combinations. It is important to know that by favouring standard print formats for your media, you avoid large pieces of scrap paper and energy waste.

Recognition for human resource management

For another year, Pulsio Print was certified as a top partner by the prestigious international independent organization Coface.

In this way, we rank among the leading companies in Europe that apply high standards in the management of human capital, working conditions and the development of its employees. We receive each certification after detailed monitoring of our internal processes.

Pulsio Print is a Coface certified printer

We are proud that each year, in comparison to the last, our company significantly improves its performance in all categories subject to evaluation in the certification. We recognize that our people are not only the foundation of our company, but also its building blocks, and thus we strive to grow our company by taking care of and developing our talent.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

We know firsthand the many business and social advantages of working in a multicultural and diverse environment and so we foster that type of rich culture here at Pulsio Print. If you take a look at our company, you will see that diversity exists all around, as our employees bring forth many cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

We encourage our employees to engage with one another, inspire each other and collaborate in the working environment. For 16 years, we have been working with individuals and businesses to help build a more welcoming work atmosphere through advocacy, training and events that bring people together, foster understanding and recognize the valuable contribution that new arrivals make to our company.

We have a number of career programs that allow us to invest in the development of our employees. One such program, that brings in even more diversity, is our internship program. When joining the company’s large team, each intern receives professional experience, training programs to increase their competencies and knowledge, transparent feedback on their work and mentoring.

Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion, we welcome and encourage you to get involved and join our multicultural family that currently counts people from all around the world: Bulgaria, France, UK, Australia, Ukraine, Turkey, Congo, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, and the United States. We all benefit when everyone feels welcome.

Charity programs

One of our major sponsorship areas are the Bulgarian libraries. This is an initiative to help key institutions in need of support. By donating to libraries, we are joining a community of individuals, organizations, and institutions that are committed to improving lives and expanding minds. Pulsio’s mission is to play a part in bringing the joy of reading and access to educational materials to millions of people who might otherwise not be able to afford it. The new books we supply provide these people with the resources they need to develop their skills and improve their own lives through reading.


Fundraising is not only a means of raising money for donation to causes we care about, but also a way of promoting charities’ goals and objectives. It is just another way in which we educate our employees, partners, and clients and promote empathy and activism.

Our focus at the moment is support for foundation ‘Child and Space’ (read more) that assists at-risk youth and children with special needs. 100% of the sales of the book ‘Felicity in Bulgaria’ go to the foundation. The second book will soon be published, and again all proceeds will go towards helping this disadvantaged youth.

Community service

Serving communities is about creating opportunities for growth and change not only for the communities themselves but for our personnel as well. Philanthropy has been known to have a positive impact on health and life satisfaction.

We recognize that our employees have busy lives, and despite their strong desire, it may be challenging to take the time to volunteer. That is why we provide them with multiple opportunities to participate in volunteerism as a company and on company time.

One example is the annual landscaping in Vitosha Park. Clearly, from our environmental initiatives, this is a cause near and dear to our hearts. Through this kind of community involvement and commitment, we want our employees to feel proud to be part of our organization.

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