BEFORE PRINTING: A brief anatomy of the book for non-professionals

Anatomy of the Book If you have not thought about what parts a book consists of, but you already have a text ready to be published, it will be good to get acquainted with the most basic elements. Because these elements will be mentioned and discussed while communicating with a printing house or publishing house. Book signatures A book signature is a sheet of paper consisting of four or more printed pages and folded one or more times to the approximate size of one page of a future book or other printed product. It folds in a way that puts [...]

Alexander Walker: I was impressed by Pulsio Print’s focus on authors and the quality of their work

In a career spanning 57 years – 45 years of which were in leadership and management, mr alex progressed from Milk Delivery Boy to Chairman, President and CEO. He has lived and worked in Scotland, England, Wales, South Africa, Zambia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Hungary and Cyprus. Quite an interesting life, isn't it? mr alex called his new book ‘it does matter’ because he was concerned by the number of people who said things did not matter when they did! Let's learn a little bit more about mr alex and his book. Would you tell us a few words about you? [...]

Gilding for the win!

In printing, gilding brings elegance and a unique feel by putting a light impression of gold onto paper. It adds a play of light to a business card, reinforces the high-end feel of a brochure, adds distinction to the cover of a book, adds refinement to an invitation, provokes a reaction when on a leaflet... It’s a finish that adds a high-value effect when integrated into the overall graphic design. From the point of view of artistic creation, two approaches are possible: Treat gilding as a graphic element in its own right. Use it to highlight certain letters, titles, motifs, [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Print a Book?

Book Printing Costs Explained. Get Instant Prices for Custom Printed Books. The cost of not knowing the price of a product or a service could hurt you in the long run. How can you make a decision if you can't make an easy comparison between the different choices, features, and options? The first and most important thing you need to do if you are in the process of printing a book is to find out all the options that are available to you and what their prices are. This will allow you to get efficient and affordable pricing for your [...]