Lamination and selective varnish: finishes of choice adding value to your printing!

Lamination: optimal protection with a refined appearance The true brand image of a publisher, laminating is the process of applying a clear plasticized protective film (polypropylene, cellulose acetate or polyester) to an entire printed surface. Generally used for covers, it will protect the document from possible alterations, preserve it from wear and above all embellish it by reinforcing its quality. Applicable on all papers from 170g, it can be matte, gloss or satin. Appreciated for the refined and sober effect that it provides, matte lamination, while protecting the work, admirably accentuates the brilliance and contrast of the colours involved, and [...]

Selective varnish adds a fifth colour!

Selective varnish adds a fifth colour! Do you usually use selective varnishing to highlight logos, titles or visuals? Do you know that the latest trend is to create a pattern, by selective application of the varnish? We are delighted to be able to offer you this very elegant and modern graphic design and rendition. This creative technique is applicable to any medium, from book covers to magazines to flyers. No design is problematic, just provide Pulsio with a standard file and we will create the effect for you. Check our price: it’s free and it only takes seconds! Online Quote [...]